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Journey of a lifetime – Tibet

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

For this magnificent journey, many administrative steps needed to be taken to make the journey possible. But every stressful moment was more than worth it!

In this article, the photographs taken on a trip to Lhasa, Shigatse, and Everest Base camp speak for themselves.

Lhasa Tibetan

Himalayan fossils of shells

Yak Skull art

Tibetan Adornments

Prayer wheels

Wood work

Monk in a monastery

Monks in debate


Tibetan beauty adorned with Himalayan coral and turquoise

Prayer wheels at Shigatse

Yak butter lamps

Flasks of Yak butter tea (salted)



The culture of Tibet cannot be explored in a singe visit. The more I read (Seven Years in Tibet etc) the more I see, that there are at least two distinct aspects to Tibet – Buddhist culture and nomadic culture. Buddhist culture is more obvious and easy to seek out – with all the beautiful monasteries and the creations of the monks. Nomadic culture is a little harder to seek out as it is a lifestyle that does not produce artistic products. Both are equally enticing…..and I will go back sometime soon to explore more.

Antique Yak wool robes, Coats, belts, silver pouches, flint lighters, amber pieces, lama articles and unique nomadic articles have been displayed on Click here to visit the page


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