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Traditional Rajasthan Home – Patwaon ki Haveli – Jaisalmer

A place where the walls do not need art. Because the walls ARE art. The ceilings ARE art. Was it such a bad thing that women did not step out … Continue reading

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Sungkit Weave of Borneo

Vintage Sungit Woven Skirt from Borneo

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – The Camel Caravan Odhana

The fantastic “Camel Caravan Odhana” from the Bishnoi community Rajasthan

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Welcome to my Journal!

Join me in my journeys to Marwar-Sindh Ladakh & Orissa, Kutch, Sarawak, Mewar, Mizoram, Sikkim, Ladakh, Lambani Villages & Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal, Nagaland, Northern Thailand, Angkor Wat, Borobudur Tibet, Goa, … Continue reading

September 11, 2014

INDEX | Articles on Culture

A kaleidoscope of glimpses into various cultures within Asia. Each tribe, each ethnicity expresses its identity in various ways – music, dance, textiles, costumes, food, language, life format etc. It … Continue reading

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INDEX | Articles on Art

My explorations in ethnic and tribal art of various forms are posted here.  You could either scroll down and read all the articles or click on the articles that interest … Continue reading

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INDEX | Articles by Region

The culture & art articles have been clubbed together in several region-specific diaries listed below. Rajasthan, Western India – Marwar  Diaries Karakoram – Dard Diaries Ryukyu Okinawa, Japan: Ryukyu Diaries … Continue reading

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – The Marching Peacocks Odhana

Antique Textile from the Bishnoi community of Rajasthan – “The Marching-Peacocks Odhana”

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An addict constantly needs a fix to keep him stable. Me – in moments of extreme stress I find solace & peace in viewing works of traditional art. In normal … Continue reading

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Motif & Meaning – 3 The Case of the Double-Headed Peacock

Finding a connection between the Bird motif from two different regions

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Motif & Meaning – 2

Looking for Meaning in Textile Motifs

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Motif & Meaning in Textiles – 1 Preface

A part of my fascination with traditional textiles emanates from the stories hidden within them. The cultural aspects – who wore them, for what occasion, who made them and how … Continue reading

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Antique Batak Calendar

Antique Batak Calendar, Borneo

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Antique Vietnam Beaded Weaving

Antique Vietnam Sapa Beaded Woven Textile Skirt

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Vintage Buddhist Textile Art

Vintage Buddhist Ikat Textile Art

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Vintage Tribal Embroidery

Vintage Tribal Embroidery from Kutch

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Vintage Gypsy Nomadic Coin Belt

Vintage Nomadic Gypsy Coin Belt

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Vintage Beaded Selvedge Kachin Textile

Vintage Tribal Textile with unusual Beaded Selvedge

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Home Decor -1

Decorating with Antique Art

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Antique Bishnoi Textile Shawl

Antique Bishnoi Shawl Odhana Embroidery Art

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Antique Rajasthan Embroidery

Antique Rajasthan Embroidery

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AN ARTWORK A DAY – Antique Rajasthan Painting

A Rajasthan Phad

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Textiles in Art

Two delightful artworks  stumbled upon yesterday: Delightful works of art offering terrific views into the textiles of another space-time point. 1. LEATHER PUPPETS OF SOUTH INDIA The extremely smart sari-blouse … Continue reading

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The Lives of Brahmins

In general there has been a lot of Brahmin-bashing in the media and I myself have had mixed opinions about the subject. Recently I read a article that counters that … Continue reading

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An Offering of Art for Goddes Durga – Madhubani Painting from Mithila

A vintage Madhubani painting from Mithila depicting several forms of Goddess Durga   Drawn using a pen-type instrument with clean strokes, this painting is about 30-40 years old. A totally … Continue reading

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Auctions of Interest

Some beautiful pieces that caught my eye in the upcoming auctions: 1.Miniature Painting, Rajasthan | Treasures of Asia | Auctionata | Sept 4th, 2014 2. India, photographs – Indian textiles … Continue reading

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Govinda Ala Re at Janmashtami – an Indian Miniature Painting

It is Janmashtami again! And to honor Krishna, his love for home-made butter and his theft from the homes of neighboring Gopis, communities in many cities will put up the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday India – Jiye Mera Desh

India celebrates it’s Independence Day today. In the grand scheme of India’s long history, a few centuries under the British rule and then subsequent independence therefrom is not that big … Continue reading

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History of Indian Textiles

“The record of ancient and medieval Indian textiles exists mostly in literature and sculpture. There is archaeological evidence of a cotton textile industry at Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley around … Continue reading

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Of Human Bondage – The Chains of Marriage

  Marriage with its Emotional Bondage* that is Voluntary & Reciprocal can be a beautiful experience. In the Hindu tradition, this bondage is poignantly represented by the Gold Chain that … Continue reading

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Jatripatti – Antique Traditional Paintings of Puri, Odisha

  This style of painting that has a subject focus of the temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri, India, is now extinct unfortunately. Hindus have four important pilgrimage spots -known … Continue reading

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Life in Japan 1900s

Hand colored photos from Japan 1890 – 1905 seen on Ebay offer a glimpse into a completely different culture that is rarely seen in Japan today!  Geisha Women posing for … Continue reading

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Paintings of The Opium Trade – India, 1850s

I would certainly never have known the in-depth history of any region so far removed from my geo-location, were it not for the art that carries within it stories from … Continue reading

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Textile Subjects in Indian Miniature Paintings

Recently came across these miniatures on the internet: A Fraser Album Artist: a cotton-carder at work, attributed to the artist Ghulam ‘Ali Khan (fl. 1817-55) Delhi, circa 1820 Men and … Continue reading

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The Honey Trappers

* WARNING Several Graphic Images* Goa is one of the regions that is blessed with fertile forests. And a result of (or perhaps cause of) this is the large variety … Continue reading

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Artists of the Loom – Traditional Weavers of the world

Creating works of Art with their hands using thread, a loom and a bit of their souls. Many of the images are from and many are from other websites. … Continue reading

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When there is Respect – A glimpse of Bastar, India

In a land as diverse as India, even the smallest administrative segment – the Taluka or District – is home to a few dozen communities. Therefore, no matter who is … Continue reading

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In Search of Heaven

In every village, in every town in Goa I drive through there’s either a temple or a church/chapel just around the corner. Goa probably has the highest per-capita or per-acre … Continue reading

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When & Where did this festival occur?

Indian Culture is fascinating and even after years of being an Indophile I continue to be delighted by its mystique! The picture below was taken at a festival that I … Continue reading

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The Lambani Project

The Banjaras  & the Lambanis lived in the forested areas, mainly in South India.They have now been settled in villages through government schemes and no longer follow the nomadic / … Continue reading

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Mystical Banjara Textiles

What does one get when the women of a social group have a strong intellect, happiness in their hearts and time on their hands? Art. Art that is used to … Continue reading

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Magnificent Mummies – 1

“There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done” (The Lion King) A visit to the museum opens up a whole new … Continue reading

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Hairstyles of a Mummy – A visit to Ancient Egypt via The British Museum

A captivating visit to ancient Egypt …. viewing over a dozen mummies and ancient Egyptian art all in a single hall of the British Museum, London. If there is only … Continue reading

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Ancient Art Motifs of Egypt

As I walk through the exhibits in the museum, it occurs to me that the Egyptian tombs were treasure troves not only of gold but also of art. The objects … Continue reading

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Praying for Rain

A self-explanatory photo pre-1900 : An Indian Fakir performing a ritual praying for rain. The context is relevant even today! jm June 2014    

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At the homes of Rabaris

A few pictures taken with majestic Rabari women & men in their own homes, over the years. Attending a Welcome or Swagat at a wedding in the homes of welcoming … Continue reading

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The New Renaissance

The European Renaissance of the 14th – 17th centuries was a rebirth and cultural movement fueled by the invention of print, that profoundly affected intellectual life. The Renaissance of the … Continue reading

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Textiles within Textiles

Am studying my Phad (Par) textiles and enjoying the complex scenes painted in. There are two types of Phads: one narrating the legend of Pabuji and the other narrating the … Continue reading

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Soul on Fire – The Passion of a Bhopa

PRELUDE Excerpt from an article* I wrote for Jozan Magazine about the Art of the Phad. The shortest way to describe the Phad is ‘a devotional mural storyboard painted on … Continue reading

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Article in PASSAGE – Magazine of Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore

My article in Passage, the magazine of the Friends of the Museum, ACM, Singapore: jm May 2014

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