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Love is Blind – Color-Blind | A Lesson in Love & Textile Art

When one studies and examines an object as often as one breathes, it is hard to be blind to its flaws. But yet, with a little insight & imagination, it … Continue reading

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We all love a good story! – Street Photo – Lambani Gypsies

We all love a good story! We all love some details of other lives. This inherent trait of humans across cultures is probably one of the biggest advantages of the … Continue reading

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Transport in the Olden Days

I have not travelled in ANY of these! Or even SEEN any in use! 1. A hand-pushed Rickshaw 2. A rough Palkhi 3. A Palkhi 4. A Bullock with wheels? … Continue reading

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Equal Rights for Men – Wedding Textiles of a Rabari Groom!

Over the years, my friends and I have lamented over the lack of variety in the clothes we bought for our sons. Those of us fortunate to have daughters were … Continue reading

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Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya – Immortal Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

asato ma sat gamaya tamaso ma jyotir gamaya mrityorma amritam gamaya In the moment of untruth let me see the truth In the moment of  darkness let me see light, … Continue reading

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Going Solo Again

Another speaking assignment – another fantastic cruise ship and a whole lot of new places waiting to be seen! A month ago I was in the Andaman Seas – stopping … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Love – Gangaur Festival, Rajasthan

There are a thousand tests of a woman’s love for her man. One is the Gangaur festival – where out of love, a woman fasts for her husband and then … Continue reading

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The Rich Bow to the Poor – Images of Myanmar

The rich bow to the poor as they donate money to the monks in Myanmar. There is no attitude of arrogance or of self-indulgent generosity. They rich bow to the … Continue reading

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Palindrome Embroidery – Textile Art from the Past

An article on Double Sided Embroidery from the North-West Indian Subcontinent. [click to view the PDF] PALINDROME EMBROIDERY MASTERPIECES – TEXTILE ART FROM THE PAST The pieces shown in the … Continue reading

March 19, 2015 · 1 Comment

Photographing the Spirit

The Difficulty of capturing the spirit of glossy Silk in a photograph

March 18, 2015 · 1 Comment

Burning Ghats – May the Soul Rest in Peace

Death – a subject no one likes to talk about even though it is the only certainty and MUST be dealt with. So I will not talk about it here. … Continue reading

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Art with a Message – Balinese Painting

So many messages – so much to interpret. In these paintings it is clearly known that there is a message being communicated. The Art is secondary – the message is … Continue reading

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Born Free ……A Group of 4 Textiles with a Wild Spirit!

Born free, as free as the wind blows As free as the grass grows Born free to follow your heart Live free and beauty surrounds you The world still astounds … Continue reading

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Daily Art Fix – Home Decor 6

An idea for decorating walls with Textile Art Framed Antique Patan Patola Sari as wall decor. View the Textile Artwork on Wovensouls wall decor, office decor, corporate decor, interiors, interior … Continue reading

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Naga Shells – Nocte Naga Portrait

Portrait of a Nocet Naga girl with traditional costume

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Purpose of Life

“For the mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for. Without a concrete idea of what he is living for, man … Continue reading

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Tribal Motifs from Rajasthan – Fusion of Logical Geometry & Art

I love the simplicity of thought! View the complete shawls here jm Mar 2015

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A Banjara Pot Cushion from Odisha

Art from Daily Life among the Banjaras from Odisha.

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Ideology of a Nomadic Life

The general belief is that a nomadic life is a forced choice but on the contrary it is a preferred way of life. Read more…

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Traditional Sikkim Jewelry

Click to view larger image

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Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi … Garden of A Thousand Desires

A thousand desires – a thousand blooms … Rare green base in a Swat textile – the first ever in my experience! With silk so fine that it looks like … Continue reading

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Surya Namaskar – Glory be to the Sun | Traditional Indian Jewelry

Jewelry designed in the likeness of a burst of sunrays – as a salute  to the Sun. Surya Namaskar! Glory be to the Sun! The Surya Namaskar Kadaa [Bangle] Traditional Indian … Continue reading

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Women of the World – Garasia Tribe

Click to see more images of the colorful tribe! jm March 2015

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A Child Gives Birth to a Mother

When a child is born – so is the mother! *** Some women knit for their babies. Others embroider. And we have works of love being created, as the woman … Continue reading

March 7, 2015 · 1 Comment

Mirroring a Mirror | Photos of Antique Paintings that depict Life

In the course of my travels I have come across fantastic murals and paintings that I have photographed and am sharing here to bring them out beyond their walls. Most … Continue reading

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Antique Rajasthan Shawl – V&A Collection

Superb shawl from Sindh / Rajasthan from the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Early 20th century Collection of the late Mr Justice Feroze Nana, given to the … Continue reading

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Superfine Weft Warp Embroidery from Kohistan

Embroidery from the Kohistan people never fails to intrigue me. Someday I want to watch them do it. The Kohistani shawl has two separate layers that are stitched along one … Continue reading

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Wool Art of a Different Type!

Camel Wool Art – found in Haryana & Rajasthan: A photo that came to me on Whatsapp advertising the Desert Festival in Bikaner, Rajasthan!

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Let’s play with Elephants Today! – A Fairy Tale in a Textile!

“Let’s play with our elephants today” said one little girl to another. And the birds joined them at play on their unicycles made of flowers! But one little bird felt … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation – March 2015: Baby Carriers

A link to an online book published by the Taiwan Government. The text is not in English but there is material that we all understand – the images. The link … Continue reading

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Wild Lines | Textile Art Drawings

To create art – one must have great imagination & visualisation skills. To create a visual that is wildly different from everything else that existed earlier using basic lines is … Continue reading

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Anarchy & Chaos in a Tribal Textile!

Most traditional textiles seem to follow the patterns that are unique to their tribe. These patterns probably began with some seed of an idea and then evolved over generations to … Continue reading

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A Yellow to Warm the Heart

A beautiful bag with beautiful colors found in an unexpected little shop! Getting a thorough Solar-cleansing in Goa’s hot sunshine! The back that tells the experts where this was woven. … Continue reading

February 26, 2015 · 2 Comments

Buds of Gold

Kerala, Early 19th century Large Jai Buds Necklace that drapes the shoulders, Gold & Rubies. From the unpublished gold collection. view other pieces here. jm feb 2015

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Money can buy Happiness #1

This video inspired me. Please watch it before reading ahead. And I decided to follow this example. Today as I left the Calangute Panchayat office after struggling with some electricity-related … Continue reading

February 25, 2015 · 2 Comments

Daily Art Fix – Chamba Rumaal with Ramayana Scenes – MET museum collection

18th Century Rumal with Scenes from the Ramayana

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Culture & Art Photos – Image Library @ WOVENSOULS.COM

Charity Sale of CULTURE & ART IMAGES for a cause! High Resolution Images of Traditional Art & Culture from over a dozen locations in Asia, including Myanmar, Thailand & North … Continue reading

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One more Dream Mansion – Penang

Earlier on a trip to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, I saw a house that I could so easily live in – Patwaon ki Haveli. A house that – in itself is such … Continue reading

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Colonial Ceramic Art – Floor Tiles in Penang

Even the floor beneath our feet can please our souls!         The Colonial influence – primarily Dutch & Portugese in these parts that is seen in Goa … Continue reading

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A Walk through Penang

Well – not exactly a walk! I rode through Penang in a cycle rickshaw. Driven around by the most entertaining & the most spirited driver I have ever met – … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Journal!

Join me in my journeys where I explore the traditional art & vanishing culture of India and beyond. Join me in my travelogues to Myanmar, Marwar-Sindh Ladakh & Orissa, Kutch, … Continue reading

February 16, 2015

INDEX | Articles on Culture

A kaleidoscope of glimpses into various cultures within Asia. Each tribe, each ethnicity expresses its identity in various ways – music, dance, textiles, costumes, food, language, life format etc. It … Continue reading

February 16, 2015 · 8 Comments

INDEX | Articles on Art

My explorations in ethnic and tribal art of various forms are posted here.  You could either scroll down and read all the articles or click on the articles that interest … Continue reading

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INDEX | Articles by Region

The culture & art articles have been clubbed together in several region-specific diaries listed below. Rajasthan, Western India – Marwar  Diaries Karakoram – Dard Diaries Ryukyu Okinawa, Japan: Ryukyu Diaries … Continue reading

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An addict constantly needs a fix to keep him stable. Me – in moments of extreme stress I find solace & peace in viewing works of traditional art. In normal … Continue reading

February 16, 2015 · 2 Comments

A Valentine’s Motif in Textile Art

KISS OF TWO HEARTS motif in textile art for Valentine’s Day! From the magnificent antique Turban from the Swat Valley Celebrate! View the Swat Valley Gallery on here. jm … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day or rather Quote of My Life!

“Yeh world hai na world, is mein do tarah ke log hote hai … ek joh saari zindagi ek hi kaam karte rehte hai … aur doosre joh ek hi … Continue reading

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The Sea Shell Museum – Viewing the world through the Awe of Another!

Picking up shells along the beach is something we all do. Every shell is unique and they fascinate all of us at least for a few moments. And then we … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of Purity at Wat Chalong

  This important Buddhist temple in Phuket became far more important when a relic of Gautam Buddha – a bone fragment – was installed in the temple in 2009. On … Continue reading

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Shedding Draupadi’s Sari before the Ocean

Yes – these are the true colors of the ocean in Phi Phi island, near Phuket Thailand. Yes I am extremely fortunate to have seen such waters several times in … Continue reading

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